The Commercial Property Academy
Orlando, FL - September 11-14, 2010

The Commercial Property Academy Is Better Than Ever

Since you attended the Commercial Property Academy, we’ve added so much material and up-to-the-minute updates that the Commercial Property Academy is better than it's ever been! With the changing investment landscape and new strategies, our students are now in position to be more successful than ever!

So even if you haven't yet used the strategies and tools that you learned when you first went to the Academy, that's okay! I understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and obscures your vision of the personal and financial goals and expectations that you set for yourself. But the good news is that it's never too late to get started!


Just some of the updates that we've added are:

-Specific strategies designed to help you succeed in today's market conditions

-Hundreds of essential documents, forms, and resources crucial to success

-30,60,90 Day Step-by-Step Action Plans to guide you down your career path

-Dozens of new ways to find unlimited Commercial Real Estate deals

-Brand new case studies

-Creative financing techniques to get all the capital you need!

-Creative strategies to deal with the ever-changing market conditions

-Speed-network sessions to help forge alliances with like-minded investors

-Complete Due Diligence checklists

-Completely overhauled and improved Commercial Property Academy Manual

-And Much, Much More!!!

And Now For A Big Announcement...

Top SecretOver the last two years, the investing and financial worlds have been turned on their ears. Many techniques and strategies that investors had been using simply do not work in today's market. Because many investors (and even other instructors) have stuck to the same old techniques that used to work, they are struggling mightily just stay above water! We all know the definition of insanity... to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. To try and use old strategies in a changed world is just insane!

But instead of going with the pack and trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, Scott has kept a low profile and developed a technique fine-tuned for success in TODAY'S investing environment. This strategy has worked so well in fact that on just his two most recent transactions, Scott has generated $7,500,000 in value on investments if $500K & $635K, safely, securely, with no financing issues, and with almost zero competition.

So what is this "Secret Strategy"? Honestly, we just can't share it with you here.... you have to be at the event! This strategy is so much different that what other people are teaching and doing that we feel it would give away our competitive edge in the market if we just blabbed about it to everyone... and what's wrong with having a little "unfair" advantage? These techniques are the culmination of two years of intensive study and careful evaluation to perfect a path to Commercial Real Estate profits. We won't print them and we won't talk about them publicly. They are only for the wise investor who takes action and gets to the Commercial Property Academy!

Remember, With Commercial Real Estate,
It Only Takes One Deal, One Time To Change Your Life Forever!
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Alumni Re-Attendance Special


The Commercial Property Academy
Orlando, FL - September 11-14, 2010


This exclusive offer is only available here
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Bonus #1
The Opportunity Evaluatortm
FREE Upgrade
($997 Value)


The Opportunity Evaluator was designed to enable you to analyze Commercial Real Estate deals with amazing speed and accuracy. Quickly generate unique insights into each property and gain the competitive edge with each new opportunity.

This software will save you literally hundreds of hours of painstaking and ultra-critical calculations, with a level of accuracy that eliminates overlooked but extremely costly errors.

The Opportunity Evaluator has scores of critical considerations and calculations that must be completed before moving forward with any transaction.

The Opportunity Evaluator provides concise information and the professional format necessary for getting deals approved through potential investors, banks, and appraisers alike.

Bonus #2
The Commercial Property Academy
Document Library FREE Upgrade
($597 Value)


The Commercial Property Academy Document Library archives and conveniently puts at your fingertips the essentials needed to form the foundation of any successful Commercial Real Estate business venture.

From leases and contracts, to purchase agreements and much more, this library has been compiled to give you the protection, competitive advantage and professional format used by the most successful of real estate investors.

Carefully crafted and painstakingly reviewed by industry experts, each and every document has the fine nuances and comprehensive attention to detail absolutely vital to your interests in any transaction. This library is designed to guide you and your legal professional safely through the world of Creative Commercial Real Estate.

Bonus #3
The Lease Evaluator Suite
FREE Upgrade
($997 Value)


The Opportunity Evaluator Lease Evaluator Suite was designed to allow you to fully explore the economic impact of any tenant leases on you Commercial Real Estate investments.

Evaluate either current leases when purchasing properties or making financial projections or compare and evaluate the impact of prospective tenants before any documents are signed.

The Lease Evaluator Suite will help you to maximize the profit potential of your Commercial Real Estate investments whether your property is an Office Building , Retail Center , Industrial Property, and more.

Laid out in the easy-to-use style of the original Opportunity Evaluator Software, this revolutionary tool will become an absolutely indispensable resource.

Here's A Recap Of What's Included:

What you Get:

The Commercial Property Academy ($3,497)


400+ Page Detailed Manual ($397)


The Opportunity Evaluator Software ($997)


The Document Library Forms Disk ($597)
The Lease Evaluator Suite ($997)

Total Value Package Value:



This will be the last Commercial Property Academy East of the Missisippi in 2010, so demand for this event is through the roof! And you should know, every single Commercial Property Academy we have held for the last three years has sold out and I promise you that the Commercial Property Academy in Orlando will be no different!

So, If you want to take advantage of this special Alumni-Only offer, and re-attend, you need to take action immediately. Because we like to provide the best learning environment possible, we will not pack as many people as possible into the classroom and are only offering a limited amounts seats at our alumni special rate. Make sure to get yours!


Alumni-Only Special Offer

J. Scott Scheel's
Commercial Property Academy
Orlando, FL - September 11-14, 2010



*Important Notes: Re-attendance fee is non-refundable and does not include the tuition for a guest or family member or the membership in the Platinum Coaching program.
For information on a adding guest or family member to your reservation please
call toll free 800-577-5848

Something To Consider......

The Tuition To Re-Attend This
Event Is Just $500.
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250 Cups Of Coffee
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100 McDonald's
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An Education That Can Make You Millions....

You Make The Decision!
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Your One-Year Re-Attendance Period Is Almost Up!

When you signed up to attend The Commercial Property Academy, I gave you to the right to re-attend as many times as you wanted for a full year. Many of you have taken full advantage of this benefit by re-attending several times, while many others of you have not.

But now your window of opportunity to reinforce what you have learned by re-attending the Commercial Property Academy has closed or is very close to closing. Don't miss your opportunity to take full advantage of your rights as an alumni! Plus, when you take advantage of this special offer, you'll receive the 3 special bonuses worth more than $6,485!

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We have made our ordering process as flexible and user friendly as possible to help YOU find the solution that works best for you to attend the 4 Day Commercial Property Academy.

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P.S.  This is a limited time offer! Don't miss out on this one-time opportunity!!! You will never get this chance again!

You must hurry if you want to register to re-attend the Commercial Property Academy in Orlando and receive the 3 special alumni bonuses! To register now, click here, or call Toll Free at (800) 577-5848

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P.P.P.S.  Still uncertain? Maybe sitting on the fence almost ready to go for it? We certainly understand, this is an important decision - perhaps even a life changing move. But remember, this is basically a no-risk, no obligation, nothing to lose offer!

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